ISS Bursaries

We are delighted to announce that the ISS will be awarding up to four bursaries of €500 each to facilitate travel of sleep clinicians based in Ireland to conferences or educational events relevant to the practice of sleep medicine. In the first instance, we are inviting applications to support attendance at the biennial meeting of … Read more

19th Annual General Meeting: 24th March 2023

Our 19th Annual General Meeting was recently held in the Carlton Hotel on 24th March 2023.  It was an excellent meeting with stimulating talks on adaptive servoventilation, mandibular advancement devices and parasomnias from our guest speakers and thought-provoking case studies presented. A copy of the programme can be found on the meetings link above..  It … Read more

Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine

The Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine offers an MSc/PgDip in Sleep Medicine, as well as a series of 8 continuing professional development modules and a CBT-I Masterclass. The part-time, online courses are aimed at multidisciplinary professionals with an interest in sleep medicine, and are delivered online, which is particularly suitable for overseas delegates. Further … Read more

Walter McNicholas ERS lifetime achievement

We would like to congratulate our esteemed colleague and founder of the Irish Sleep Society, Prof Walter McNicholas, on his recent prestigious ERS lifetime achievement award in sleep disordered breathing. Click here for the full story